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Keith Danahey wearing a Dare2tri T-shirt
Keith Danahey

Keith holds certifications as a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach, USAT Paratriathlon Coach, USAT US Masters Swim Coach, US Masters Adult Learn to Swim,… Read more

Melissa Stockwell
Melissa Stockwell

After graduating from the University of Colorado in 2002, Melissa was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army’s Transportation Corps. Two… Read more

Ryan Quilty in a Dare2tri t-shirt.
Ryan Quilty

Ryan joined Dare2tri in February 2020. Prior to coming on board, he was a longtime Dare2tri volunteer and devoted member of Team Fisher —… Read more

Shawna Carter wearing a Dare2tri T-shirt
Shawna Carter

Shawna is not only a logistical expert, she’s a health and wellness professional who specializes in running and strength training. As a coach, she… Read more

Amanda Moswin wearing a Dare2tri t-shirt
Amanda Moswin

Amanda has been with Dare2tri since 2015 and has over a decade of work experience in the nonprofit sector. As Finance and Operations Director,… Read more

Dan wearing a Dare2tri T-shirt
Dan Tun

Dan has worked in adaptive sports for 10+ years and officially joined Dare2tri as the Program Director in 2016.  He has completed multiple triathlons… Read more