GivingTuesday Toolkit (2020)

Giving Tuesday graphic. Text:

To help us kick off the giving season, we are asking Dare2tri athletes and volunteers to join us for our GivingTuesday fundraising campaign. Here’s how you can help!

Fundraise on Facebook

Start a Facebook Fundraiser and invite your friends to help you crush your goal (we suggest a goal of at least $250). Be sure to customize it with a proper name (e.g. Sarah’s GivingTuesday fundraiser) and a personal message about why our mission is important to you. Once you’re all set up, share your fundraiser via Instagram, Twitter, email, and text. One hundred percent of the funds you raise will benefit Dare2tri and our athletes.

Tip: Get the ball rolling by making the first donation. This shows that you’re committed to the cause and will inspire others to join in and make a contribution of their own.

Tell your story

Putting a personal touch on your fundraiser makes a huge difference. You can increase your impact by sharing details about how Dare2tri has affected your life.

Athletes: Tell your friends and family how Dare2tri has helped you be active and find success in sports with access to programs, grants, equipment, and community. Here’s an excellent example from athlete Kristen Cassarini.

Volunteers: Share a memorable experience or tell a story about a Dare2tri athlete that left their mark on you. For inspiration, check out this post from Coach Danielle Liubicich.

Share images and posts

Share this graphic and spread the word about your GivingTuesday fundraiser. Be sure to include a sample message from below or share something personal.

Sample messages

Use these messages to start the conversation, whether it’s on social media, via email, or by text.

Sample #1: This #GivingTuesday, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Dare2tri, a nonprofit dedicated to making physical activity accessible for people with physical disabilities and visual impairments. Help me reach my goal by making a donation today!

Sample #2: Help me fundraise for Dare2tri — every dollar donated on #GivingTuesday will go directly to adaptive sports programs for youth, adults, and veterans who have a physical disability or visual impairment. Whether you can give, $5 or $50, every donation makes a difference.

Sample #3: Dare2tri is committed to providing adaptive equipment, training opportunities, qualified coaching, and support for athletes at every level and ability. I’m proud to be raising money to support this organization for #GivingTuesday. Please help me reach my goal!


If you don’t have any personal photos to use, feel free to use one of these.

More fundraising tips

  • Add your fundraising link to your Instagram bio so it’s easily accessible.
  • Show your appreciation by thanking each donor individually. It means a lot!
  • Tag Dare2tri on social media and use #Dare2tri so we can see your support and re-share your efforts!

Together, we can show the world why Dare2tri matters on GivingTuesday. Thank you for your support.

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