Making a Difference One Month at a Time

Kyle Fredrickson is a lifelong athlete who first joined the Dare2tri community as a volunteer. After guiding several athletes across the finish line, he was inspired to do more. Kyle and his wife Amanda are charter members of Dare2tri’s Pacesetters, a group of passionate monthly donors invested in breaking down barriers to physical activity.

By giving monthly, they are connecting their passion for sports to Dare2tri’s life-changing mission. Every dollar they donate is making a lasting impact on individuals with physical disabilities or visual impairments.

“We’ve seen Dare2tri’s mission in action. We know our monthly contribution is helping change people’s lives for the better,” Kyle said. “Dare2tri empowers people to be their best selves, peeling away any limitation they may have and allowing them to flourish with the necessary tools, whether it’s a guide, a running blade, or a racing chair.”

Meet The Spotlight
  • Name Kyle and Amanda Fredrickson
  • Active Since 2017
  • Location Colorado

Join Kyle and Amanda by becoming a Pacesetter.

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