Running Doesn’t Mean Just Putting on a Pair of Shoes

Imagine this: There’s a picture perfect path to run on.

But running doesn’t mean just putting on a pair of shoes you pulled out of your closet.

It means strapping on a leg or getting in your racing chair, both of which need to be custom fitted.

Plus, there’s the tires, gloves, and helmets, not to mention learning how to even use all of this equipment.

It can all sound and feel like a lot, but organizations like Dare2tri make it possible.

For me and for countless other adaptive athletes.

When you donate to Dare2tri, you’re funding the needs of adaptive athletes, from equipment to training and beyond.

And I promise you, there aren’t even words to describe the kind of impact that has on a person.

—Sam Schroth, Dare2tri Athlete & Board Member

Meet The Spotlight
  • Name Sam Scroth
  • Location Chicago, IL

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