Fitness Challenge: Take No Days Off

Graphic with text: No days off. 2 challenges. 8 weeks. 1 community.

You’ve got goals to reach.
Let’s get after them together.

Starting February 1, we challenge you to take No Days Off. In return, you could win a Dare2tri prize package PLUS you might be lucky enough to win a grand prize.

February 1-28
The 4-week challenge

Attend 7 virtual strength training classes OR 7 virtual cycling classes. Win a Dare2tri prize package.

February 1-March 31
The 8-week challenge

Attend every virtual strength class or every virtual cycling class. One lucky winner will win a grand prize.

Look, we understand things come up. If you miss a class or two, you still have a chance at winning.

  • 0 missed classes = 3 chances to win
  • 1 missed class = 2 chances to win
  • 2 missed classes = 1 chance to win

Get a bonus entry: Post a photo or video before or after a workout and tag Dare2tri. 1 bonus entry maximum.

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