Blazing the Trail for the Next Generation

The future of paratriathlon is bright, and Dare2tri is proudly supporting the sport’s rising young athletes. Brock Kitterman, who is 15 and deafblind, is one triathlete who is thriving because of Dare2tri’s transformative programs and services.

Brock and his mother Tammy traveled across the country during the summer of 2019 to attend Train2Race Camp, a new program that provides extensive coaching and athlete development to those looking to take their paratriathlon skills to the next level.

Brock, an accomplished triathlete, was transitioning to the paratriathlon world due to a progressive condition that caused his eyesight and hearing to deteriorate. Through Train2Race camp, Brock found the necessary adaptations and accommodations that would allow him to continue to compete in the sport he loves.

Working with Dare2tri’s coaches, guides, and volunteers, Brock developed new skills and gained confidence as a paratriathlete. Most critically, he formed a bond with peers of similar age with whom he could share his journey. Through these connections, he found a sense of belonging, not only in shared obstacles, but through shared achievements.

The relationships he made continue to have an impact today. Coaches have turned into mentors, peers have turned into companions, and Brock’s ambitions are higher than ever. In fact, he dreams of representing Team USA at the Paralympic Games in 2024.

In 2020, Brock was selected to the Dare2tri Development Team. By providing Brock with access to training, sighted guides, equipment and funding, he is overcoming barriers and reaching his full potential. Day by day, he gets closer to his goal of becoming a Paralympian.

Meet The Spotlight
  • Name Brock Kitterman
  • Location Pennsylvania
  • Active Since 2019

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