How David Kuhn Found Purpose through Racing

David Kuhn has more than 50 marathons, six full Ironmans, six half Ironmans, and eight sprint triathlons to his name. He first discovered a passion for racing about 10 years ago, thanks largely in part to some friendly guidance from Keri Serota, Dare2tri’s Executive Director.

It was 2009. David, who is visually impaired, was interested in running a marathon, but didn’t have much experience.

“I had lost so much eyesight by then that it was not possible for me to merely run alongside someone with a bright T-shirt,” David said. “I needed to be guided but I had absolutely no idea how that was done.”

That’s when Keri stepped in. As David tells it, she led him through “Sighted Guide 101” and subsequently found him his first sighted racing guide. David went on to run the Chicago Marathon that year, and he’s been racking up race medals ever since.

“If I had never met Keri, I would be out of shape, overweight, have no goals, no ambition to challenge myself every single day, and no doubt have a negative outlook on life, and maybe even be angry at life,” David said. “Instead, I wake each day thinking of preparing myself for the next goal: A run — usually a marathon — or a triathlon — usually an Ironman. I have learned to eat in ways healthier than I could ever have imagined. Life is exciting beyond anything I thought possible.”

David attended his very first Dare2tri paratriathlon training camp during the summer of 2014. He was hooked instantly. Now he rarely, if ever, misses the opportunity to train alongside the Dare2tri community.

“Dare2tri camps have been one of the greatest blessings in my life,” David said. “I have made so many friends, many of them with disabilities other than mine, all of whom have shown me what is possible when we have the right support and encouragement to improve ourselves.”

David is a proud father and grandfather. He is an accomplished athlete. He is a devoted member of the Dare2tri community. He is also an impassioned advocate for sport, who can wax poetic with the best of them.

“When I swim, I am in a world of total bliss — flowing, as does the water. When I bike, I enjoy being a total beast, loving the intense strain on my legs while feeling the speed of the bike. When I run, there is something so spiritual that takes place within me. A feeling that there is no problem that can’t be melted away by moving all those body parts and feeling the heart pumping and all that blood flowing.”

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  • Name David Kuhn
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