A youth athlete rides a recumbent and holds up a peace sign.

WSSRA Bike Day

About this event

WSSRA and Dare2tri are partnering to host a free On the Road2Ride bike day for WSSRA members at Proska Park in Berwyn. This event is free to those who register.

As part of Dare2tri’s On the Road2Ride program, this event will give people the ability to ride an adaptive bicycle. Participants do not need previous cycling experience to participate as it is encouraged to attend and try cycling!

Dare2tri and WSSRA staff will be on-site to provide coaching and feedback to ensure you are safe while riding. This event is also a great opportunity to get riding hours for those interested in obtaining an adaptive cycle of their own.

COVID-19 safety guidelines will be in place for all attendees of this event. To read Dare2tri’s COVID-19 safety guidelines, please click this link.

Event Details
Date Saturday, August 14
Time 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.