February Fitness Challenge

An overhead shot of a woman rolling out a yoga mat, with two small dumbbells and a water bottle resting on the floor.

How’s your New Year’s Resolution holding up? If it’s not going too well, don’t sweat it. You’re not alone. Research shows that 80 percent of all New Year’s Resolutions will get abandoned around this time of year. It could be the winter blues or maybe you just need a little extra push. No matter where you are, we’ve got a fitness challenge that will help you buckle down and recommit to your goals.

The Challenge

Participate in a minimum of 6 strength sessions (virtual or in-person) during February 2022.

The Prize

On top of the gains you’ll get, you’ll also receive a Dare2tri T-shirt. And not just any Dare2tri T-shirt! This coral tee became a community-favorite when we debuted it last year.

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