Why We’re Celebrating the Tokyo Games

Hailey Danz, Keri Serota, and Melissa Stockwell.

From left to right: Hailey Danz, Keri Serota, and Melissa Stockwell.

On October 3, we are hosting the only Paralympic victory celebration in the USA. We hope you can join us at On Tour Brewing in Chicago for this family-friendly celebration of Paralympic champions: past, present, and future. During the event, we will be honoring Team USA athletes such as Paralympic medalists Melissa Stockwell, Hailey Danz and Grace Norman, and Olympic medalist Kevin McDowell.

Why we’re celebrating

It has been proven that viewership, community interest, and celebrations around the Paralympic Games are a major catalyst for change in the disability community. By celebrating the Tokyo Games, we can continue to help change the landscape for current para-athletes and pave the way for the next generation!

This year, the para-athletic community has experienced incredible milestones already. Let’s celebrate these successes together:

  • Paralympians are now paid the same amount as their Olympic counterparts for winning medals
  • An estimated 4.25 billion tuned in for this year’s Tokyo Games (the most in Paralympic history)
  • More athletes have gained endorsements and the attention they deserve

Is this our annual fundraiser?

Yes! If you’ve attended Evening2Inspire in the past, think of Victory Lap as a sister celebration to that event. All proceeds from this event will go toward providing programs, resources, equipment, and funding for athletes with disabilities at every level from recreational to elite.

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